67% of Black students view the financial services industry as appealing but nearly 90% of Black students believe there are distinct challenges that affect Black financial professionals.1

Many students state they are interested in financial services careers because of the opportunity to help others (including people in their own communities) build wealth, the independent and entrepreneurial working environment, and potential for high pay. FARE members are fully committed to helping HBCU students and diverse professionals achieve this reality.

1Research for Action (2019) Nationwide Potential Advisors: HBCU Student Perceptions of the Field of Financial Planning and Factors that Influence Student Career Choice

FARE helps HBCU students and financial professionals rise above these challenges.

To help them achieve success in the financial services industry, FARE provides HBCU students, alumni and young professionals:

FARE HBCU On-Campus Student Engagement

Career Fairs:

FARE financial services firms are actively hiring diverse talent for internship positions and full-time opportunities.

Please send an email to to share details regarding your HBCU’s upcoming Career Fair.


FARE financial services firms are willing to visit your HBCU to present relevant workshops and seminars (i.e. key terminology and industry trends) to students in the school of business and/or other related fields.

Contact FARE at to schedule an upcoming financial services workshop or seminar.

Lunch & Learns​

FARE financial services firms and industry organizations enjoy hosting lunch while networking with HBCU students and providing them with career building strategies, LinkedIn best practices and professional development resources. These sessions help FARE build relationships with talented students and help them prepare for careers in financial services.

Send FARE an email at to schedule an upcoming Lunch and Learn on your HBCU campus.

HBCU Live Educational Series & Events​

FARE financial services firms and industry partners strive to create pathways for HBCU students to learn about and experience opportunities in the financial services industry. We are ready to sponsor and host an “HBCU Live” Educational Series Event on your HBCU Campus, featuring a dedicated and FARE-firm sponsored career fair, financial wellness educational sessions, networking reception, DJ and photobooth to capture the moment. Firm professionals will engage directly with HBCU students to share their paths toward success in the industry.

Please contact to learn more about this exclusive opportunity to help HBCU students find their fit in financial services careers.

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