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Increasing DEI&B in Financial Services

Increasing Financial Services Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging through Intentional, Actionable and Measurable Solutions

increasing diversity in the financial services industry
The Financial Alliance for Racial Equity (FARE) was created to increase diversity in the financial services industry.​

FARE is a coalition of financial services firms, industry organizations, and HBCUs working diligently to bring more Black students and Black professionals into the financial services industry. 

Our Mission

To increase racial diversity, drive greater equity, and foster inclusion and belonging within the financial services industry and communities that it serves.

Create awareness of opportunities to attract and retain diverse talent to the financial services industry
Increase loyalty and retention among early-career diverse financial services professionals
Help diverse financial services professionals grow in their career and business portfolio
Support diverse financial services professionals in an evolving industry

Based on Research

Faculty and staff at HBCUs indicated a concern with the perceived lack of diversity in financial services careers.1

Students, faculty, and staff unanimously agreed it can be discouraging if students do not see a potential mentor, peer, or executive of color represented in the field they are entering.

FARE was created to address this concern.

We showcase the many careers, internships, and professional development opportunities that exist in financial services firms. We actively seek for talented HBCU students and Black professionals to apply for full-time careers, internships, and scholarship opportunities in leading financial services firms.

One student explained the motivating factor of seeing Black leaders represented in a field in this way: “I need to see [Black professionals] as the CEOs or the CFOs, the executives. I like to see them up there. I like to know that that’s possible [for me].” 2
1Research for Action (2019) “Nationwide Potential Advisors: HBCU Student Perceptions of the Field of Financial Planning and Factors that Influence Student Career Choice”

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Forward Thinking: A Fare Publication:

We’re excited to welcome you to the first edition of Forward Thinking: A FARE Quarterly Update — a resource that’s designed to promote and inspire meaningful change through inspirational stories, knowledge sharing and research on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in financial services.

It’s quite a coincidence that we are launching this publication around the same time we instituted FARE three years ago. FARE was created in September 2020 with the mission to increase racial diversity, drive greater equity and foster inclusion within the financial services industry and communities served. 


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The Financial Alliance for Racial Equity provides resources, tools, and educational material for the primary audiences we serve: HBCU Students, Financial Professionals, Financial Services Firms and HBCUs.

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HBCU Live is the premier networking experience for diverse professionals seeking to enter the financial services industry. This year’s event at Howard University will blend HBCU culture with insightful workshops and networking sessions.

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